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The UAH Entrepreneurship Club hosts monthly events on the UAH Campus, designed to educate students of UAHuntsville in the art and science of entrepreneurship. We also strive to forge strong connections between our members and the Huntsville Entrepreneurship community as a whole. Our events are completely free to attend, and regularly feature experienced, professional entrepreneurs.

Next Event: Mark Becnel / RadioBro Corporation

RadioBro manufactures commercial products for the nano and pico class of small spacecraft and provides a variety of world class testing and training services to developers in aerospace.

Friday, January 23rd, 2015. BAB 3xx


We hosts seminars, networking events, and seminars with a focus on educating UAH students in the most effective entrepreneurship strategies.


Our members enjoy a number of benefits, including special access to workshops and tours across Huntsville.


We hold competitions on a yearly basis. Our E-Launch contest has previously featured thousands of dollars in rewards, with dozens of submissions.


Our networking events connect UAH students with the Huntsville Entrepreneurship Community. We hold one such event per year.


We offer online resources to both UAH students and club members, including articles and a valuable monthly newsletter.


Members have full access to the Small Business Development Center, as well as advice from club officers and other members.

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